Wed November 12th

Wed November 12th

I am sorry I did not get to write last night.  It has been storming really bad here, which has made it difficult to work (and also has kept the internet down).  It is now 730 am on Thursday and I only have a few minutes to write.  The van is cranked and waiting for us to get in.  I will hopefully have more time tonight. 

Yesterday we had to cancel construction in the am – the weather was terrible.  But the good news is the walls have stood the test of bad winds and rain!  It was probably good though – there were over 100 children in the children’s program which provided more helpers.  It was a blessing to spend time with the children.  Today will be the last day for the children’s work.

Also, the last service was last night.  You need to hear how awesome it was – I will have to write later.

Please pray the weather holds up today to get the roof up (we still have not gotten the tin).

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