We saw Him today….

We saw Him today….

We saw Him today behind the dirty faces, behind the runny noses, behind the torn and tattered clothing.  We saw Him today in the smiles on their faces, in their eyes and in their bear hug embraces.  We saw Him through some of their tears, their fears and even as some of them withdrew from us.  We saw Him because we looked for Him.  And He was there.  In each one of those precious children.  He was there.

What an incredible first day we had at our carepoints.  Many children recognized us and ran to us freely.  There were many new faces that had to warm up for a bit.  Oh, how we saw our Father show up in a mighty way.  Today we gave the children new t-shirts that they proudly displayed as they left the carepoints.  And what great memories those children have – “Oh, He Loves Me” could be heard for miles, I am quite sure!  It was a full day with lots of great reunions and a time to make many new friends.

Dr. McKinley got a chance to meet our sweet Ruby.  The team circled around as he sweetly prayed over her.  As the team opened their eyes, Ruby was kneeling down.  Again, we saw Him.

Tomorrow night, we will have a Worship Night with the D-Team.  Please keep this time in your prayers.  These men and women work tirelessly at our two carepoints caring for and ministering to our children.  They are truly a blessing to us all.

Also, keep all of our team in your prayers.  For health.  For continued safety and stamina!  We could also use a few prayers for our internet!  We really want to be able to keep in touch with all of you, but we are facing a few challenges getting on line, and especially trying to upload photos.  Above all, please pray that He will be made much of in all we do!

PS – Dr. Ikeler – Thabani is looking much better!!

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