January 2nd, our fourth full day in Costa Rica was definitely my favorite! After we ate yet another delicious breakfast prepared by the sweetest hands, we headed to the second church location to serve there. We split in two groups: those who would paint trees and those who would rake leaves.

The neat thing about the two jobs we were doing is we were working together as one and sharing amazing experiences together. For example, instead of everyone painting their own tree, we got into pairs so it would go by faster which made it more fun since we weren’t working alone. I remember one tree that Olivia Strickland, Will Moffat, James Carter and I started painting all together that ended with us opening up to one another about our lives. Those are the kinds of conversations I will never forget and create an experience that you can’t obtain anywhere else. If we had worked alone, it would’ve taken us all day to finish the jobs, but since we worked in community with one another we were able to finish in a couple of hours.

Some of us also went to invite kids to VBS, which touched my heart so much. Seeing these kids with almost nothing being so grateful and content with what they do have is something I will never forget! When we would invite these kids to come to the church for games and activities, their faces would light up and you could see their excitement escalate. I complimented one girl’s dress and you would’ve thought I had given her the world. The smile that stretched upon her face was so beautiful and genuine and she was so confident about her dress after that. It was so rewarding when the kids we invited actually came to VBS because we knew we were making an impact.

After all the inviting, it was finally time to start VBS! We had games with balloons, soccer, and a skit and craft of Jesus healing the blind man. When the kids would first arrive, they would be so nervous but all it took was that one person who God sent to welcome them to make them comfortable so they could begin having fun! There was one boy that wouldn’t leave his mom’s side so I grabbed a soccer ball and asked him if he wanted to come play with me and he jumped up and ran to go play! He then found a balloon and I would hold it up high and as he reached for it I would tickle him! His laugh was so cute and the most precious thing I’ve ever heard! All the kids rotated through their station of a craft, game, and soccer, the skit team performed and then all the kids got a snack!

After cleaning up from VBS, we all hung out together and enjoyed each other’s company. We ate another great meal for dinner, which provided a fun time of community and laughter with everyone! Noah Strickland and Will Moffat led us in a great time of worship after everyone finished eating and they did amazing as usual! We ended the night with our team meeting to discuss highlights of the day and then enjoyed about an hour of free time to be with one another. It was very encouraging to see the different ways God worked throughout the day and how He used everyone in a specific way to glorify Him.


Erin Colley

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