Tuesday November 11th

Tuesday November 11th

I must first apologize to anyone who reads this in reference to yesterdays text.  I promise, I am not that poor in spelling, nor writing – but last night I typed that on MS Word due to the internet being down and then tried to upload it this morning prior leaving for the site.  I never proofed it, and it appears there were a TON of grammar problems and spelling errors.  Sorry.  I tried to go back over it this evening, but I am still very tired and have probably still missed many of them!

Anyway, I won’t have any pictures today for you.  I am way too tired to upload pictures – it is 11:45 pm here in South Africa.  We went to the job site at about 830 am today.  Construction continued.  Kurt and I finished our wall!  We had scafolding that went about 2 stories high – and I climbed up there to lay “block.”  (And I am usually afraid of heights).  The inner wall is up, and the other side is 3/4 of the way up.  But we have 2 upcoming problems:  1.  Tomorrow we are to put up the beams to hold on the roof – but it is supposed to rain for the next 2 days and 2.  The man who sold Hoppy the tin roof is saying he may not be able to deliver the material for the roof until next week.  So, pray for the rain to hold off and also that the tin roofing will be delivered.

Today, it was overcast the whole day.  But, the rain held off until 5:05 pm (5 minutes after the time we were to stop working) and then stopped just prior to Lane starting to preach.  God was so good to us today!

The children’s ministry exploded today – 150 children showed up for the children’s ministry.  Way more than expected.  As I was laying block, I kept seeing more and more children walking up the path to the church!  Awesome sight!  Unfortunately, the workers did not plan on that much of an explosion.  Kevin Anderson and Randall were pulled to help out.  Tomorrow, Pastor Eric is working on a way to help also.  What a great opportunity.  Pray it continues to grow – though not so big that we can not be effective.

Finally, the worship service – have I told you how wonderful these people are?  Church was to start at 6:30 and end at 7:30.  Well, at 6:15 the praise and worship began – and kept going until 715!  People just kept singing, singing and singing.  Lane preached a powerful message and many people recommitted there lives to Christ or made first time decisions.  Afterwards, the praise songs started again with one of the songs being “How Great Thou Art.”  Powerful!  When we finally finished, it was 820 pm – almost an hour after the service was “supposed to end.”

I asked Ann (Pastor Eric’s wife) last night, “How do you know which song is going to be sung next?” and she responded (with a beautiful South African accent), “We do not plan which song is next.  When the Spirit moves in someone’s heart to sing praise to Him, we sing it.  We will stop when the Spirit tells us to.”  Boy was the Spirit moving tonight!

Thank you for the prayers.  Please forgive my typing mistakes.  I will hopefully write more tomorrow.

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