Hola From Costa Rica!

Hola From Costa Rica!

December 30, 2018

Hola from Costa Rica!

We have had a busy first few days here. Sunday we had church where Olivia and Sarah Beth shared their testimonies, Stephen spoke, and our entire team was called to the front of the church to follow along and dance. It is always exciting to experience a new culture, to get out of your comfort zone, listen to an unfamiliar language, and how they worship. It reminds me of what Heaven will be like. Every tribe. Every tongue.

After church service we were able to witness 2 people get baptized. 2 people who woke up this morning dead in their sin, and left alive in Christ.

After church we split into teams to invite the community to the church’s New Year’s Eve party. Some people were a bit shy and unsure of the Americans walking to their doors, while others were extremely welcoming. While walking down a dirt road we came upon a man and his wife who were making a speed bump so that the cars would slow down when driving past their house. He told us that he cared for his parents who were sick. Kate boldly stepped out of her comfort zone and prayed with them. I believe that it’s when we have to step out of our comfort zone that the Lord fills the void of not knowing what to say or do. He is glorified when we have to rely on his strength.

Sunday night we went to another church service. Zack and Dawson shared their testimonies there, and Shane spoke. And again, we danced and danced.

It has been exciting to see how each person has slowly started to step up and lead. We still have much to do here in Costa Rica, but our prayer is that the people would see something different in us.

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