costa rica

Costa Rica

Strategic Ministry Partnership:


Praying Pelicans Missions believes that healthy short-term mission trips are possible by building upon genuine partnerships, long-term relationships, and sustainable ministry.


Warren Students will be sending High School students in grades 9-12 from Warren who feel led and have been chosen, to serve Christ and the Church in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica. We will have many impactful challenges in the community, and with the people there. Approaching our ministry with servant evangelism will help us to break through the barriers of communication and culture.  As we reach out through the Church, we will be given building projects to complete for the betterment of their facilities and environment. A soccer outreach program, and possible VBS will also be planned for an inroad with the children and youth in Costa Rica. We look forward to investing in the community of Santa Cruz in many ways.

Cultural Context:

The people in Costa Rica are happy and friendly. They can also be reserved with those who do not know them well. They speak Spanish, and so we will need to brush up on that language before we go. Costa Ricans are devout Catholics, and religious holidays are very important for the them. It takes a relationship to be built with them to help them to feel comfortable attending a new church. This could happen with a game of soccer, which is the most popular and important sport in Costa Rica. It is not just a sport, but a part of their pride and identity. Another important part of the lives of the people is “Pura Vida” which is not only the motto of Costa Rica, but it is also a label for the Costa Rican Culture, way of life, and its primary ethos. Directly translated, it means “pure life,” but in Costa Rica, it carries a greater importance to the people. Also, eating well is a part of having a pure life, they have lots of rice and beans in their country, with fresh fruits and vegetables and meat. Coffee plantations are famous there as well.

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