“Do This…”

“Do This…”

Hello All. Preparations for Swaziland, 2011, are already underway. As such, the time has arrived to crank up some posts to update our prayer warriors and supporters. Introductions and some basic info are of first importance. Team #1: Journey will be May 27-June 8, 2011. Team #1: Robin Hall, Scott Hall, Madison Hall, Carolyn Powell, Jesse Powell, David McKinley, Mary Liz McKinley, Beth Overstreet, Jim Overstreet, Allie Overstreet, Penny Oates, Holden Usherwood, Haverly Halvorsen, Lindsey Halvorsen, Alley Childers, Brenda Marshall, Maureen Wright, Carol Young, Leigh Ann Schmitz. and Scott Sizemore.

Team #2: Journey will be June 6-June 17, 2011. Team #2:  Robin Hall, Scott Hall, Madison Hall, Carolyn Powell, Jesse Powell, Alley Childers, Brad Willis, Cricket Willis, Braxton Willis, Jason Wiley, Robin Cox, Norm Cox, Bobette Keller, Chuck Keller, Liz Lowery, Kaili Lowery, Mike Ikeler, Mandy Flanders, Merry Dirksen, Merry Ellen Dirksen, Andrea Highsmith, and Emily Highsmith.

As we begin this endeavor, we ask for the following prayers:

1) Pray that our planning goes smoothly and that we will be able to carry the supplies that are planned.

2) Pray that the Lord prepares the hearts of the children and the team for the mission ahead of us.

3) Pray that God will supply the funds for every team member so that they can focus on doing God’s work.

4) Pray that the Lord will put a hedge of Protection around every team member and their families as they prepare.

“Do this because you are a people set apart as holy to GOD, your God. GOD, your God, chose you out of all the people on Earth for himself as a cherished, personal treasure.” Deut. 7:6 (The Message)

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