Anticipating the Mission Ahead

Anticipating the Mission Ahead

Picture we took in 2009 on our first mission trip

The first team leaves Augusta for Swaziland in 6 days!    Please pray that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around the team and their families so that they can focus on the Lord and His will for this mission.  As we prepare our hearts and minds, we must not lose sight of where we have come and where we are going.  Due to the support of prayer and giving, there has been tremendous progress in improving the spiritual and physical condition of these children.  If we were to look at a snapshot of these children today, we might lose sight of what they looked like just three short years ago.

We are excited about the many needs that God is providing this year.  We are bringing 320 backpacks stuffed with school supplies, 360 blankets, 360 hats & gloves, 320 uniforms, 320 school sweaters for the children.  We are also visiting 20 children’s homes where we are bringing one week’s supply of food and a Bible in their own language (SiSwazi).  The mission is to bring them “Living Water” and the “Bread of Life” while also bringing them one week’s of daily provision physically.

We will be updating this blog every day as the internet connection provides.  You are an “at home” mission team member.  One of the ways that you can support this mission is to ask your family and friends to subscribe to the blog so that they too can follow us during our trip.  God bless you in your faithfulness to serve His Kingdom through the “least of these”.

Picture  we took in 2010 of a little boy holding his old and new school shoes

Team One – May 27-June 8 -David McKinley, Mary Liz McKinley, Robin Hall, Scott Hall, Madison Hall, Scott Sizemore, Leigh Ann Schmitz, Carol Young, Maureen Wright, Brenda Marshall, Lindsey Halvorsen, Haverly Halvorsen, Alley Childers, Holden Usherwood, Penny Oates, Ashley Overstreet, Allie Overstreet, Jim Overstreet, Beth Overstreet, Carolyn Powell, Jesse Powell

Team Two – June 6-June 17Brad Williw, Cricket Willis, Braxton Willis, Jason Wiley, Robin Cox, Norm Cox, Courtney Cox, Bobette Keller, Chuck Keller, Liz Lowery,Kaili Lowery, Mike Ikeler, Mandy Flanders, Merry Dirksen, Merry Ellen Dirksen, Scott Hall, Robin Hall, Madison Hall, Carolyn Powell, Jesse Powell, Kelly Bohrer

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