A little extra time….

A little extra time….

Good morning from beautiful Swaziland!  As you are snoozing away back home, we are preparing for another glorious day of loving on these incredible children that know you as their “special friend”.  Seeing their faces light up as they hear that someone loves them and is praying for them cannot possibly be put into words.

There have been so many answered prayers for this trip that I could not possibly begin to list them all.  But — to name just a couple – school supplies and new uniforms.  (will try to upload pictures of the uniforms later today)  Two very big needs (actually requirements) for these children.

And once again, He showed up!

But, on Wednesday, what began as a simple desire expressed by several of us went straight to the top and became an answered prayer!  Our desire was to be able to spend a little extra time with our children.  Your children.  You see, while the preschool children are there the majority of the day, the elementary school children get to the carepoints somewhere between 1:30 and 2:00; the high school children not until 3:00 – 3:30.  They need to eat when they get there and for their safety, must leave the carepoint around 4:00 to head home.  So, that doesn’t always leave a lot of time to spend with those children that are in school.  Well……..

God decided to throw a couple of school holidays into the mix!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t misunderstand us.  We are so very thankful that most of our children are able to attend school – a great privilege for them.  But to say that we are beyond thrilled to have two long, full days with those children is sooooo an understatement.

Totally unexpected.    Totally God.

“Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart” – Psalm 37:4

We are going to love on them.  Tell them Bible stories.  Pray with them.  Play with them.  Tell them about their friends in America.

But mostly, today and tomorrow, we will claim Psalm 37:4 and thank our precious Father for giving us this burning desire.  A little extra time.

Thank you for your continued prayers.  We are all happy and well.  Loving and missing each of  you.

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