You Are Treasured

You Are Treasured

That was the truth that we hoped to pour into the hearts of the women at our two retreats, Tuesday-Thursday. Our time together was based on Psalm 139:14, which says, I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”






















Praise and worship, teaching from God’s Word, fun crafts and games, one-on-one times of prayer, and just moments to sit and chat—these were the things we experienced together in Franschhoek.





















We thought you might enjoy hearing a short perspective from a few of us about the retreat—our favorite and most meaningful moments.

Tracey—I knew the praise and worship was going to be special when I heard the swell of voices moving in a rhythm that began with a leader and then echoed in unison by the other women BEFORE I passed out the song booklets. The women came to the retreat with a heart filled with praise, and I found myself caught up in the glory of God’s presence as we joined our voices together. Their singing is contagious, and although I may not always know what they are singing in their language, the word, “Hallelujah,” is universal. As I return home, I will forever see their faces as I sing “Hallelujah” to our great God.




Cindy—One of my favorite moments thus far was when we moved outside for praise and worship and to feel a bit of breeze. The cool air was a gift and a relief but easily matched by the sound of our voices mingling on the wind, praising our God together. We read scripture over the ladies just as the sun sunk lower. The breathtaking setting that we enjoyed was a clear picture of the power and might of our God. There is such joy here. I am so happy to be a small part of what God is doing amongst our friends in Cape Town. To God be the Glory!



Jacqueline—My favorite moments were spent face-to-face with the ladies. At the end of my message, I gave each woman a shell. All of the shells were different—none perfect. I had the privilege of holding their hands, looking into their eyes and speaking God’s love over them. The moment was precious—one I will not soon forget.





As we said goodbye to our African friends, we all experienced a flood of emotions. But for me my sadness was eclipsed with hope. You see one of my African friends, Buellah, is retiring and I will most likely never see her again. Buellah is a sixty-something year old mum with the sweetest smile and most kind heart. I whispered in her ear as we embraced to say goodbye. I told her that she was my favorite, then I cried because there is just something about her that feels like home to me. I can’t explain it. I will truly miss her.


But here is the beauty of my relationship with Buellah and with all the mums who have said yes to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will see her again. One day, she and I will be in heaven together, worshipping our Savior face-to-face. One day Beullah’s legs will be healed and she won’t be in pain. One day we will embrace again, and I will see her smile, which brightens my day.


One day we will come face-to-face with each other and our Savior. He will look into our eyes, take our hands and say to each one of us, “Welcome home treasured one.”

See you soon!

Jacqueline Heider & the Cape Town Mission Team 2019


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