Weekend Update for Knysna

Weekend Update for Knysna

Hello everyone! After a few days of travel, we have arrived in Knysna, South Africa! The travel went very smoothly! We had no problems with baggage or big flight delays.

On our drive from Port Elizabeth to Knysna, we stopped at a beautiful natural park at Stormsriver. We meet the Wilkins’ family here for lunch and took a hike to help with jet lag. It was so beautiful! Our hike included walking over suspension bridges….we made it!

Over the weekend, the men began a project to build a loft bed for Maris, the Wilkins’ daughter. Chris has been wanting to build her one. Her birthday was Saturday, May 11th, so Chris wanted to have it done for her to have a special surprise on her birthday. They began the project on Friday at the Hands and Hearts at YFC. The team got to meet the guys who they will be working with all week. It was great to start getting to know some people before diving head first in on Monday. After several hours of designing, building, creating, and constructing, the loft bed was complete on Saturday afternoon! Maris was so surprised and loves it so much!

Lindsey and I (Amelia) have been joining Rebecca for errands around town, talking about their life here in Knysna! It’s been so fun to join her and the kids. We have been helping with logistical things to make sure things happen, like cleaning out Maris’ room and cleaning things up.

After finishing the project, we went to the Knysna Heads and spent some time exploring around the rocks. It was so beautiful! The earth truly displays God’s majesty. This team has been fellowshipping with one another and learning interesting facts about one another. As we head into this week, we are excited to see what God will do in us and through us for His kingdom.

This morning, Sunday, we will go to Chris’ church, have a great lunch at the Riverdeck, and head to Buffalo Bay. Continue to pray in these specific ways:

  • To continue being flexible
  • to be confident in sharing the gospel message with people throughout the week
  • to be mindful and watchful of cultural “do’s and don’ts”
  • to be intentional with time spent with one another and with those we are sharing truth with
  • to be Spirit led on all occasions
  • to encourage the Wilkins’ family


The team by the Knysna Heads and Indian Ocean! So beautiful!







The finished product!!! Way to go guys!!

Thank you for praying for this team, the Wilkins, and the people of Knysna. We are so grateful for the community who is following us along!

In Christ,

Amelia and the Knysna May 2019 Team

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