Wednesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Thursday

It is evident that if lasting change is going to take place in the township, Xhosa men must be saved and discipled to grow in their faith.

There is an absence of godly men in the township.

One might also correctly say, there is an absence of men in the township. Particularly an absence of middle aged men. We encounter some single men in their early to mid-twenties but the majority of young men we meet are in the 13-21 year old age bracket. These young men are wandering, guided mostly by one another. This is a crucial life stage when young men need mentoring and nurturing by an older male figure, unfortunately these young men are receiving negative influences.

  • Alcoholism and drug use is rampant in the township. It was said to us that a Xhosa man takes great pride in passing his alcohol addiction on to his sons.
  • Sexual abuse and rape is a reality for most women in the township. Some as young as 3 years old! It is quite common for 11, 12, and 13 year old girls to be pregnant.
  • HIV/AIDS affects many households in the township.

But there is hope in Christ. Christ is changing the futures of Xhosa men. There are two young men who exhibit great potential to impact the township for the gospel: Thando and Bongi. Both have worked with us in various ways over the course of the last week and we are greatly indebted to their service. These men have been impacted by the gospel and are growing and being discipled in their faith.

What will God do through these faithful men? Pray for the men of the township. Pray that God will raise up strong, godly men and through their faithfulness real spiritual change will take place.

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