“We want to be a sending church not a sitting church” – Dr. David H. McKinley

“We want to be a sending church not a sitting church” – Dr. David H. McKinley

Our experiences over the past couple of days are worth more than words can describe. We again had a day full of moments that broke our hearts for what breaks His. The picture one might envision when imagining what our Christian brothers and sisters in poverty endure daily can often be skewed from reality. Here’s what we see: A country where the average lifespan is 33 years of age, most children are without one or both parents, children raising children, families living in a home the size of a large vehicle without any running water or electricity, children some as young as two walking alone to get to our Care Points, yet despite what our eyes see as poverty they are quite rich. Their joy and love for the Lord is astonishing. They love without reservation and judgement. They sing to God as though they are at His throne. We are amazed at what God is doing here, and we are thankful to be able to experience this in person. Without your prayers and support we would not be where we are today and for that we are forever grateful.

everybody two

Pictured above: Dinner and worship spent with old and new friends! A wonderful visit with our friends on mission, The Spraggs.

Child with bowlMissy nurse

Carolyn baby cheekLaura child eatingChildren washingJacqueline wiping faceChandler hairLiz childrenKolbi food bowls                                                    Madi sleeping childCorbin Eli children

Our team working hard tonight after a day at the Care Points to get cards written for the children. Thank you to all of those who wrote cards and sent pictures to your special friends, they are going to be ecstatic!

Swaziland Summer Team 2015

team making cards

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