We Left it All on the Field

We Left it All on the Field

IMG_6205As we are writing this, the team is in the air on their way home with four hours remaining on their flight. Jesse, Carolyn, and the two of us have stayed a few extra days in Africa. Kriek and Jumbo have graciously allowed us to spend the day with them while they live their intentional lives in daily ministry. We have been humbled to witness that every minute of their days are spent glorifying God in managing the staff to feed, educate and disciple over 6000 children. We sat in the back of Jumbo’s car as he received phone call after phone call for ministry direction and for ministry requests from the field……..from construction needs for the recently burned home of three of our Timbutini kids…..to the school supply needs of one of the daughters in that home who lost every earthly possession that she had. She lost her clothes, school uniform, school shoes, backpack, school books, papers, bed, bedding, our home visit food, etc. Everything was gone but the clothes on her back because she just happened to have been at church and spent the night with her friend. Many of you know Neli (Mike Ikeler’s special friend). We took a love offering from our team members and gave this and the remaining funds we brought to help this family rebuild. Fortunately, nobody from the home was injured and only Neli’s room was torched. Jumbo and Kriek are constantly thinking about and planning ways to move this ministry to the people of Swaziland to the next level and help them become self-sustaining. This was only one of the many issues that Jumbo and Kriek were solving as we witnessed them go about their day. It was an eye opening experience to watch lives on purpose for His Kingdom.

We are beginning to see the fruits of the continuous labor from the missionaries on the ground. From just Kriek and Jumbo when we came in 2009 to a staff that is growing in number yearly, God’s hand is so evident on this ministry, and it is so humbling to think that He allowed us to even be a small part of it. Our help is still needed as much as ever. Greater things are yet to be done here in Swaziland.

This trip had a lot of firsts……first time to share a meal and worship in a Swazi shepherd’s (Sofiso) home with his family……to do daily devotion with the Go-go’s……to prayer walk the care points and the surrounding homesteads…..to evangelize and pass out SiSwati Bibles in the downtown market……to hold a men’s devotion with the Sports Ministry leadership team…….to teach the care point boys basic construction skills as our team men made benches and bookcases for the care points….to have two beautiful Swazi songbirds join us at our guest house to lead us in worship (Lindiwe & Rina)……to stay as a team in the new guest house where we were graciously hosted by the McAdams and Mullins as they trained older care point children hotel & service skills…..and many more…….

We left it all out there……We gave it all that we had…..God was honored……God was gloried! Till next time…..

Grateful to share this amazing, amazing ministry with all of you.

Robin and Leigh Ann
James 1:27

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