We are here!

We are here!

I always said I would never go to Africa. The reason being the flight to get to Swaziland scared me more than going to the actual country so I decided it was just fine for me to be the one who stayed back and prayed for those who He called to go. But goodness did the Lord have something else in store.

After a heartbreaking disappointment back in the Spring, I found myself in a season of uncertainty and confusion. I knew the Lord had purpose in that season, but at that point, I was standing too close to fully see what that was. Fast forward a couple of months and the informational meeting info for the Swazi trip came up. All I knew was I was supposed to go to the meeting. In my mind that was all the Lord was asking me to do so I went with zero intentions of going on the trip. Well, the Lord had something else in mind, and I left that meeting knowing that if the mountains I saw blocking my path were moved, I would go. Those mountains I thought were in the way turned out to be nothing as the Lord threw away every excuse I had made not to go. I knew I would be disobedient if I did not go, so the answer was yes, Lord, here I am send me. As I had my first glimpse of Africa from the plane, I was overwhelmed as I remembered the last several months and how He showed His faithfulness in a time where I had zero clue as to what He was doing. He took heartbreak and showed me that His plans are more than I could ever imagine. I tell you this story just to give you a glimpse of how the Lord brought our team together. There are 6 other people on this trip who have incredible stories of how the Lord brought them to Swaziland for such a time as this. We are all very excited and expectant to see how the Lord is going to move during our time here.

We made it safely to Nsoko yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful evening with the Spraggs followed by seeing the most beautiful sky full of stars. This morning, we attended Swazi church and what a sweet time of worship with our Swazi brothers and sisters – the most beautiful glimpse of what heaven will be like. Blue even joined in on the dancing which the Swazis loved! The remainder of our day has been filled with fellowship with the Spraggs and Hunts. The first days have been incredible and this is just the beginning. We cannot wait to share more of our journey and time here with you all!

Much love,
Emily and the Swazi team

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