Unpacked and Ready to Go

Unpacked and Ready to Go

We’ve made it to Emafini and finished all of the prep work for tomorrow’s first visit to Timbutini and Ntabas!

No one can ever prepare to see just what it takes to bring all of the supplies for our time here in Swaziland.  This year, we had cause for concern as we crossed the border, so we unpacked most of the 27 boxes and repacked them into duffle bags before leaving Joburg.  As we entered Swaziland, we prayed that our two trailers would pass inspection without incurring any taxes…we’ll guess what?!?  The border patrol didn’t even take a second look at our cargo.  We were more than thrilled!

We entered the beautiful grounds of Emafini around 2:30 local time, and we were greeted by our dear friends, Kriek, Clara, Amy and Katie.  Sweet Elliott, our driver, and Sandile quickly unloaded our cargo and the unpacking quickly began!  Unpacking isn’t as simple as unloading a box and placing it in a certain place.  You see…each box must weigh under 50 lbs, but all space must be used!  So, it is common to find Crocs loaded with toothpaste, underwear, jump ropes, and a bottle of bubbles mixed in one box.  Stations were organized throughout the hall and meeting area of Emafini, and everything was staged and ready to go just before our Cultural Meeting at 5:30.

After a wonderful evening of dinner and fellowship, we gathered to read the blog comments for some precious encouragement and share in worship and devotion.  How wonderful it is to watch as a team of new faces and lots of personalities are so quickly woven together in preparation for the work ahead!

It’s chilly tonight and many have already tucked themselves into bed.  There’s lots of excitement in the air and anxious hearts waiting to meet their special friends for the first time.  Most of our team will walk under the big tree at Timbutini for the first time, so they anxiously lay their heads down for the night with thoughts and wonder of what the day will bring.  It’s a big day tomorrow…your prayers are felt and so appreciated.  Many thanks to our team at home for your continued support in prayer as we begin our week with our sweet friends!

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