Two Days Left

Two Days Left

I can’t believe we have been in Knysna for four full days. Today is Thursday, our fifth day in Knysna, and we begin our trek back home this Saturday.

The ladies team has continued visiting homes with people in the townships. It’s always an incredible experience just to see the reality of life for people here as well as seeing the fruit from the Youth for Christ organization. Knowing that there are people here serving long term makes it a little easier to leave. But, it will be difficult saying goodbye to our new friends.

We had the unplanned opportunity to visit a Rastafarian community within the township. Summed up in short, the Rastafarians believe in a very twisted form of what the Bible teaches. One of the YFC leaders took us to the community to someone who had been meeting some to talk about Jesus. As soon as walking into his home, we saw his entire wall of drawings of what they perceive to be in the Bible. Bob Marley on a white horse, an Ethiopian king, and a black Jesus were some of the things portrayed.

Upon walking in the house, we could feel the intense spiritual warfare all in that house. He showed us pictures from his pilgrimage to Ethiopia, where they believe Jesus was born. There were several things mentioned that were against scripture, and we wanted so badly to just spill out everything in the Bible. We all listened, and Amy did an extremely good job of asking good questions and keeping the conversation going.

When we left, we spent a moment praying against the spiritual forces of the enemy. When we left, we felt like all the energy left our body due to the battle. If we could only see the angels and demons fighting in that room.

One of Rebecca’s friends, Jamie, has been able to hangout with us during the week. It’s been great to see her open up to the ladies on the team. Her boyfriend has recently accepted Christ and been learning about the Bible from Chris. The night that our plane was diverted from George back to Johannesburg, Rebecca had the opportunity to share the gospel with Jamie that wouldn’t have happened if the team had arrived that morning. Praise God!

The men’s project has been a success! Major landscaping portions have been completed around the site. They are still working on the deck and working to clean up and beautify the facility. The guys have created really great friendships along the week as they have been working with the younger guys from the Hands & Heart program.

The team members who have never been to Knysna took a township tour yesterday with Ella, one of the ladies with the Khayamandi Foundation. It was a really neat experience to see all that has happened in the area over the years. We also had a great cultural experience of listening to the bongos and beautiful singing!

We have also had the ability to hangout with the Wilkins and other workers in this area and ask them questions about their journey and how God has worked in them. What an encouraging time!

Thanks for praying for a time. We have two full days left here! Pray we finish out WELL!



In Christ,
Amelia and the Knysna Mission Team

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