Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Greetings again from E.L.!  We had another great day today, evidenced by the fact that the internet is working… for now at least! 

At the site we started the base coat of paint, putting strips up to cover the seams from the ceiling tiles, and finished the last few square feet (‘scuse me, meters…)  of ceiling tiles.  The painting for building two is nearly complete, and building one may get started tomorrow, provided everything is cleaned and ready for the paint!

There was another great soccer day today:  started drizzling a little at first, but God allowed us to play, and Bobby to share some very encouraging words to motivate the men to come to church.  One thing we rejoice and laugh over is all of the soccer balls that have been kicked over the fence into the township:  all of them have the gospel written on them in Xhosa!  We started off with about 100 balls, and there were only a few left in the church yard that people were playing with 🙂  Thirdly, we handed out the rest of the salvation bracelets to the kids as well as backpacks: pray the reminder would be strong, and that the Holy Spirit would use the seeds that have been planted!

Dinner at Hoppy’s house was another wonderful experience: lasanga!  It was so very good, and reminscent of home, though I still prefer my mom’s 🙂

Tomorrow is our last day!  Pray for energy and focus to finish this task He has set before us with all our might!  Isaiah 40:31  is definitely a verse to claim for tomorrow. 

Love in, by, and through Christ!

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