The valley to the mountain…..

The valley to the mountain…..

It’s early morning here now and I just did not have the emotional energy to write last night. What a day it was. There are so many wonderful stories to tell that I will not be able to do justice over a blog.
There was a little boy that had came to Timbutini the day before with a very badly injured hand. He said he had “fallen”. Jeff looked at his hand and it was clear this injury was not from a fall of any kind. He would not tell the D-Team what really happened to him. Jeff and Dona worked on his hand but decided he really needed to be taken to the clinic, which is quite an ordeal in Swaziland. Jeff went with him to the clinic. He was treated, given medications and checked from head to toe. Sounds like a great story with a nice ending, huh? Well, this child “just happened” to be one of Jeff and Dona’s special friends. Needless to say, this was a very emotional time for them. This child was clearly hurt by the hands of another. He was scared yet at the same time a very strong little boy. Dona cradled him in her lap the entire time Jeff worked on him. While they were waiting to leave for the clinic, Jeff fed his “son” from a bowl.

The valley? The stark realization that someone could harm a child. We all know it’s there and it happens everyday, but seeing a child hurt, in pain and scared will shake any of us to the core.

The mountain top? This child received more love over those few hours than he has probably ever experienced. He was loved on by his “parents” like every child should be.

We were able to bring him back to our team house and share dinner with him before one of the disciplers took him home. We then prayed for the safety of this child and all the children of Swaziland.

This was a difficult situation to walk through, but God provided the strength needed for Jeff and Dona, and for their precious Swazi son. A coincidence that this little boy was a special friend of Jeff and Dona’s? Of course not. Jeff and Dona had planned on being at a different carepoint on that day, but ended up staying at Timbutini. God directed their steps, they just followed.

As we all are…….

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