The Paradox that is Swaziland

The Paradox that is Swaziland

Twins twoThe paradox of mission trips is the mixture of joy and sorrow that weaves throughout your day.

Today was a special first day, because we were able to go directly to one of our care points when usually we use this day for preparation.  Our first praise is that all team members were well enough to go to the care point! We arrived at Ntabas (Ruby’s) around 1pm which allowed us to spend time with familiar faces for three hours.

We just showed up with no plans and no supplies to just love on some kids.  Upon arrival, immediately children began choosing their favorite laps.  In Swaziland, you don’t choose the child to love on, the child chooses you.  It is amazing to watch children draw close to a specific team member for no explainable reason.  Regardless of gender or age, they select their person, and they cling to them as if they are their own.  

There were more preschool children at Ruby’s than we have seen in the past.  There were definite physical needs to be met; such as clothing, shoes and first-aid medical attention.  Faces needed to be wiped, wounds needed to be dressed, torn clothing needed to be mended, and bellies needed to be filled.  If abundant love and hugs could wipe away all of their needs, these would have been met today exceedingly and abundantly.  Our hearts want to solve every problem whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.  However, we realize that the problem is bigger than one mission trip, so we have to do what we can and trust that God will take care of the rest. 

One of the hardest things for the team to accept was seeing three year old twins walk home by themselves without an older sibling to accompany them.  In America, we would never see a three year old walk ten feet by themselves.  In Swaziland, it is a regular occurrence.  As team members, it was very heart wrenching to allow them to wander away.  

Tonight we gathered for a time of worship, devotion and prayer. Our hearts were full for the opportunity to see God work today but heavy for friends back home who are going through difficult trials. The evening ended with a time of organized chaos where we unpacked our supplies and prepared for tomorrow. Former Swazi team members, you completely understand what we are talking about!!!
We have felt the power of your prayers and look forward to updating you tomorrow!

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