The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away (Job 1:21)

The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes Away (Job 1:21)

We arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa and are in our hotel for an overnight stay before we travel to Swaziland in the morning.  We want to share with you how our God is guiding and teaching us.

 We started out our trip with the most amazing God moments.  We had gotten through the check-in  process and God showed up big.  Several days ago, someone generously donated hoodies, t-shirts, flip flops, water bottles, and small backpacks.  We were concerned about taking the extra baggage but we wanted to bless these precious children. Since two of our travelers are Delta frequent flyers, we called ahead and received approval for the extra bags at no charge.

Upon arriving at check-in, the agents wanted to charge us nearly $1500 for the extra items. After a phone call to Delta (and prayer) they lowered the cost to $450. But … all of a sudden they decided to charge us … you guessed it $0!!  That’s right – no dollars!! For no reason other than God turned the hearts.  

Yes, God is here with us. He is going before us and behind us. He is hemming us in. (Psalm 139:5)

We’re not done yet. There’s MORE!

Next we headed to oversize baggage where they wanted to open our oversized baggage individually … are you kidding me? Really? They were also going to send us back to check-in where they were going to charge us an additional $450.  Again we began to pray! This was going to be a LOT of trouble and take a LOT of time.  But God had it!  From out of no where they let us through without a second thought. That’s right … HE turned their hearts again.   God turned the hearts of four different Delta agents at different times to let us know that He was in our midst.

When we arrived at the gate, we were told that Scott Hall couldn’t board the plane because he didn’t have a blank visa page in his passport.  He had two blank pages but the pages didn’t have visa printed at the top.  We were all stunned because we rely on Scott so much to lead us.  He has been very important to this ministry in solving problems in the past and we were at a loss of what to do without him.  We then remembered all that God had done at the beginning of the day and reminded ourselves that God is our leader.  Even though He had removed Scott from our team, He had given us so much already.   He goes before us and behind us.

Miracles are all around us … all the time. Do you recognize them when they occur? I know that often times I don’t recognize those everyday kind of miracles. Instead, I wait for something BIG. God is in the business of helping us get through the BIG and the SMALL. He takes really good care of us ALL THE TIME. 

I read a quote from Priscilla Shirer recently that said this:

“When you witness a miracle, do you try to figure it out or reason it out or do you recognize that it’s GOD and worship Him in the midst?” 

We are keeping our eyes WIDE open for the hand of God. There are Miracles All Around, and we are praising Him for the work of His hands. We will praise Him when He gives and when He takes away.  We will be praising Him through it all.

Blessings to you prayer warriors. Keep on praying for us!

Swazi Team 2015

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