The day of “Fellowship”

The day of “Fellowship”

Good Thursday readers! Today is a very very special blog update; you’ll find out why in just a minute. Can I start by commenting again on the wacky weather here? It was 113 degrees yesterday and today it was cloudy, rainy, and a pleasant 73 degrees all day. Everyone was in great spirits and good thing too because there was real work to do.

On the construction side of things a ton got accomplished today.  The painting on the inside was 100% completed and on the outside, the only things left are some very nice trim paint and stain; black trim paint idea credited to Tom. The concrete driveway was almost finished, just two small sections left. The concrete was poured for the new gate that will eventually be installed later. Kyle and Matheney came up with the brilliant idea of making a small bridge over the natural drainage ditch we carved out earlier this week. They finished it in one afternoon and let me tell you pastor Andre couldn’t stop praising it enough when he saw it. It sure will make walking from the kitchen to the braai much much easier. And speaking of the braai, the finishing touches to it are almost done, thanks to our friend Dice. And speaking of our friend Dice; an amazing local worker from Zimbabwe, he came to know Christ as his Lord and Savior and invited Him into his life today in the middle of the work day.

Tonight in Rheenendal y’all. Tonight the Holy Spirit was moving in great ways at the workshop. Nick spoke on the importance of prayer, I spoke on how we grow up in Christ by reading the Bible, and Matt finished it by talking on scripture memorization. When we were finished pastor Andre talked to the entire church in Afrikaans and then explained to us that they sing a particular song and everyone in the service holds hands and sings together as a sign of our love for God and our love for each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. I think everyone in tonight’s service came up to us and thanked us for coming and speaking and helping them with everything. I wish I could find the words to describe how I felt tonight but I was overwhelmed with joy. A joy that I can only attribute to seeing the Holy Spirit working right in front of my eyes.

To add a bow to this blog post. Pastor blank, a pastor from another local church that had been attending the workshops all this week. Surprised us with what he called the “Fellowship”; as seen below. He told us that it was given to him by a church that they partnered with years ago as a sign of fellowship. And now he passed it to us. The plan is to attach the American and South African flags to it in the future. We were all a little overwhelmed to say the least.

Concrete driveway almost done.
Bridge and braai almost just need some finishing touches.
Paint and staining finally complete and lookin good!
What a wonderful place.









The “Fellowship”
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