Temaswati & Kaitlyn

Temaswati & Kaitlyn

Just a follow up with a few pictures from yesterday’s meeting. I have also included the picture from 2011of Temaswati holding a picture of Kaitlyn. God is so awesome! We have loved being a part of His incredible story.

We’ll post more from our day today as the Internet allows, but I at least wanted to get these up while we have a good connection. Today was “Shoe & Backpack Day” at Timbutini so we have lots of great photos. Know that we are loving on your sweet children and telling them all about their special friends. They have LOVED getting letters and pictures from you. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and your encouraging words. We love reading all of the comments.

We’re getting ready for Fun Day tomorrow and are expecting around 600 kids! Sure hope there’s enough Chicken Dust in Swaziland! Will write more later. Enjoy the pictures of Kaitlyn! Much love to all of you!





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