Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday

We have experienced a great deal since our last post. God is actively at work in Knysna, South Africa.

SUNDAY: Several weeks back it was announced that our region of South Africa would be without power from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM that evening. One might wonder aloud if churches in America could experience a worship service if there was no power. We certainly did…and it was moving. We were able to experienced three very different worship services: one at Lagoonside Baptist Church, one in the Xhosa church at Ella’s house, and one in Verenigde Gereformede Kerk (the Afrikaans church in the township). We sung traditional church hymns, traditional African spirituals, and contemporary Western worship songs. Pastor Lane preached about the power of the gospel to change lives. It was great to experience such a diversity of worship styles. The afternoon provided us a wonderful opportunity to partake in an African braai and enjoy some downtime.

MONDAY: This was our first day running the children’s activities in the township. Tom Brinson taught the children that God made us and God made us to love him. Tando, Ella’s son, translated for the children and they were very engaged in what was being taught. We began with 38 children in a small 20‘x24’ shack…and then we went outside. This 38 very quickly became over 100…and then we went to the soccer field. The 100 very quickly became over 150. We had a great opportunity to share the gospel in between matches.

While children’s ministry and neighborhood outreach is the primary focus, a second team has begun repair work on one of the safe houses owned by the ministry. Tommy Pritchett and his crew along with our friends Mark and Bongi have done some quality work on this structure.

TUESDAY: The second full day of activities in the township was saturated with the work of the Holy Spirit. Bob and Barbara Denham, through Ella’s translation, taught over 50 children about God’s love for them. Word began circulating through the township and more and more children began to show up for teaching and outdoor activities. God’s Spirit was actively at work in our afternoon sports outreach. After we shared the gospel with those immediately present, people from the surrounding area poured to where we were. We were able to share the gospel and many responded to God’s grace in Jesus Christ. We prayed with several others about issues they were facing. We were able to distribute Bibles in all three of the main languages. And we connected these new believers with our ministry partners for ongoing discipleship. God is doing a strong work in the township.

PRAYER REQUEST: Going forward, please pray for God’s Spirit to continue working in Knysna and pray that we will boldly respond to his leadership. Our time here is brief, so pray that God will maximize our efforts. Please pray that God will begin growing male leaders in the township churches, particularly in the Xhosa church.

PS: Because some have asked, the proper pronunciation of Knysna is ‘nice-na’.

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