Scenic, Stupendous and Spectacular South Africa

Scenic, Stupendous and Spectacular South Africa

We have been very busy the last couple of days seeing this beautiful country we have been blessed to come to.  On Saturday, we drove about 3 hours from Cape Town to go on a safari.  We were able to see the Big Five of South Africa, which are the lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard and rhino. We also saw giraffe, zebra and spring bok (which by the way are quite delicious!)  We each even had a close encounter with a cheetah named Indiza.

0213161440a (2)Debi and Indiza.

KWC_0734Inverdoorn Game Park.

We were in awe of the countryside we drove through and constantly reminded how good our creator God is.   After dinner, we had our first “campfire” which is our nightly gathering to share with each other how God is working not only on this trip, but also in our lives.

KWC_1268On the road to the game park.

On Sunday, we went to church with Ruth and James. We love to worship with them each year, and even sang a praise song in Xhosa which is the native language of the people we are working with.  After church we were welcomed into their home for cake and coffee.  It was a lovely visit our friends who have become our South African family.

KWC_1355The team with James and Ruth and their children Amy and Nicholas.

That afternoon, we drove out to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.  All ten of us made the challenging hike to the point…but only the ladies decided to jump the fence to get a more spectacular picture.

KWC_1490Cape Point.

On the hike, Keith struck up a conversation with a man on the trail.  His name was Karl and he was from Austria.  He told Keith he was on holiday in South Africa by himself because his wife’s mother had recently become quite ill and she couldn’t leave her.  Right there on the trail the ten of us gathered around Karl and prayed for him, his wife and his mother-in-law.  How awesome is our God?

KWC_1515Keith and Karl.

We then drove along the western coast of South Africa where we stopped at Chapman’s Peak.  We ended our LONG day having our Valentine’s Day Dinner at Hout Bay.  We had a wonderful day falling more in love with this country.  However, we were very ready to get started on the work we had come here to do.

KWC_1703The Team at Hout Bay.

This morning we made the 30-minute drive to Khayelitsha and started on our project.   Because we are very close to the ocean, the wind blows constantly in this township.  That, coupled with a large amount of sand, causes erosion and damage to the exterior of the homes rather quickly.  Our biggest project this week is windows.  Each foster home has nine windows for a total of 124 individual panes of glass.   We are scraping off the old, damaged putty that holds the glass in place, sanding all the frames, priming and painting them, replacing the glass and then adding putty and molding to better protect against damage in the future.  We literally have our hands full!  We hope to complete between two and four homes this week.

KWC_1757Laura, Wayne and Merrilee working on the windows.

KWC_1768Tricia and Kay hard at work.

We had planned to have time each afternoon with the 12 children from the two primary homes we are working at.  As always, God provided abundantly more than we could have imagined, and we had 21 children from 4 different homes.  Janet and Merrilee told the children about how God made each one of them and that they are special to him and to us.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

KWC_1816The children with Janet and Merrilee.

We ended our day walking to eat dinner near where we are staying in Muizenberg, followed by our “campfire.”  Tom and Tricia shared their testimonies and we all agreed we want to be just like them when we grow up.

KWC_1322 Tom and Tricia enjoying a Rock Shandy.


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