Saying Farewell for Now.

Saying Farewell for Now.

Friday was a day of saying goodbye and tying up loose ends. Our construction team finished work at Rosie’s house. The men installed new flooring, built bases for cupboards, and painted the entire interior of the home. The work made an immediate difference and Rosie seemed encouraged.  Tyrone, Gilbert, and John, worked alongside our team all week. Our friend Jolene was also such a huge help with the pre-work cleaning. One thing we always see in Cape Town are extremely hard workers!

Here are a few photos of the construction work on Rosie’s home:


The ladies began the day with a brunch with a separate group of Home From Home Mums. We were delighted with the immediate re-connection we experienced with them after a full year. We remembered their faces and names, and many of them remembered the truths we shared with them last February– this was amazing and humbling!

One of the things they loved the most was when we gave them our “Meet me at the Cross” bracelets. These bracelets were made by Women of Warren. Linda Yorio named them, “Meet Me at the Cross” bracelets because they show the distance of us from America, and our friends in Cape Town, both of us meeting at the Cross. They loved them and wore them proudly!

In the afternoon, our entire team met back in Stellenbosch for a party with both Rosie and Wilma and their sets of children. We shared treats with them and Tom shared the Bible Story wall hanging. It was amazing how many Bible Stories these children are already familiar with. God is faithful in allowing these children to be taught and retain His truth! We had lots of silly fun with them– and they were thrilled with their new soccer balls! (In the future, you may notice we do not share many photos of the children’s actual names or faces. This is to protect and honor the children of Home From Home. All the children have stories, many are tragic and troubling and we know that you will be happy to pray for them even without seeing their precious faces online. Thank you for understanding and seeking to pray for them anyway. Know this, God is working in their lives!)

Holding a new Bible with his own name, in his own language.

As we left Cape Town on Saturday evening, there was a sincere love and peace present among our team members. All of us have been to Cape Town at least twice, several have visited many more times– and what we continue to see with our own eyes is that God is at work. There is more to be done; as long as the doors remain open, we look forward to the continued ministry of the people of Warren Baptist Church to those He loves and draws to Himself in Cape Town, South Africa. Will you pray that He will multiply the efforts of these last twelve days? He truly is the God Who does all things well and makes much from our small offering.


Cynthia and the Cape Town team

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