Reflections on Swaziland

Reflections on Swaziland

Jehovah is all she needs.
​She believes herself to be over 100 years old, a great-great Gogo. Kelly, Corbin, our friend and AIM missionary Amy McAdams, and myself along with our Shepard who is translating for us; have the opportunity to sit with her at her homestead one evening. She shares with us how she cares for her 5 great, great grandchildren and is currently recovering from a femur fracture as well. I wish I could find words to describe her beautiful face, smile, and playful eyes. This is the face of a woman who knows God so well and she calls him Jehovah.

She laughs with us and we love with her within a moment. She doesn’t hear well any longer and her eyes are equally old, she explains. Our shepherd patiently repeats himself over and over in an increasingly louder voice close by her ear. We present her with a SiSwati bible, a gift from our church, and she is delighted. She tells us that while she is so thankful for the food gift we bring, the word of Jehovah is all the food she needs. She holds up this new bible, praying thanks to Jehovah. Because of her eyes, she doesn’t read any longer so Amy suggests that her eldest grandson read it to her. No, she tells us, as you can tell I wouldn’t be able to hear him well. We nod and Amy says our hope is that having the bible will bring her comfort even if she cannot see or hear the words. She agrees that God’s word is her comfort. Her grandchildren are looking on and watching closely. They see their grandmother each day, a woman devoted to God with intensity I decide I may never have seen before! What a ministry these grandchildren are receiving from their Gogo!

Our small group wants to stay with her longer, sit at her feet, learn from her wisdom and hear more stories of God’s goodness in her long life. But it’s time to leave so we pray with her and for her, Swazi style. All prayers are lifted up to God in unison! Even after praying this way for several days now each time continues to be a beautiful experience that stirs our hearts for God in new ways. Our prayers come to an end and we each say our amens. She is peaking up through bowed hands and squinted eyes; we touch her arm to let her know we have finished. She laughs and no one needs a translator to know that she is saying her peaking is because she couldn’t hear if we had finished our prayers or not! We all laugh together!

As we walk away from her homestead that evening, Kelly grabs my arm and turns me back in time to see our new friend walking toward the back of her property. Her cane steadying her in one hand and in the other she holds her bible high above her head, we hear her continuing to thank Jehovah, because as she said He IS all she needs.

In love,

Angela Collingsworth



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