Preparing the Fields of our Heart

Preparing the Fields of our Heart

On Friday, June 1st, the team will begin our journey to Swaziland (Kingdom of eSwatini) to serve orphans and widows alongside missionaries who have been faithful to the call of God on their lives. We are so excited to embark on another journey side by side for God’s glory and mission.

Our team has been reading through a devotional together during the days prior to our departure date. As we prepare our hearts to go, I’ve been thinking how our hearts are like a field that God is preparing for harvest. This team of people have prepared so much to leave to Swaziland. Many are leaving children behind, having to prepare meals in advance and thinking of who will drive them around. Some are leaving behind jobs and work that will have to be done later. We have taken time to raise money and have seen God’s provision through the resources of others. But, ultimately, God is the one who prepares our hearts. We can never fully be ready apart from His spirit, who has gone before and hems in behind and is always guiding us.

God is preparing the fields of our heart to receive His harvest. Some team members have never stepped foot outside of America. Some team members have served in Swaziland for a number of trips. For each one of us, however, God is going to do a beautiful bounty in our own lives. As we step out in faith, He is pruning the weeds that need to be gone and planting a beautiful garden in our hearts that will begin to bear fruit. Here is one of the prayers in the devotional that we are praying together:


“Lord, sink my roots deep in your aquifer, so that I will find your law delightful and that my life will bear fruit for many other people.”


As we go to Swaziland, we ask you would pray for us. Please pray specifically for our time of travel through the airports. Pray that there is no problem with luggage, crates, and team members going through customs. We ask you would pray for us to be open to how God wants to use us in Swaziland but also what He will teach us while serving. Pray for the missionaries we will be able to visit and encourage! We are so excited to join with the work that is already being done in this country.

The men will be helping with a construction project while the women will spend time at the carepoints loving on orphans and widows. We will make home visits as well as have some devotional time with the “gogos”, grandmothers, of the carepoints. Pray that God will speak His words through us to encourage the Church and also proclaim God’s truth to those who have never heard it before.

Please join us on Friday June 1st, at 11:30am, in the welcome center at Warren Augusta to pray over the team and say goodbyes. We will return on June 13th. Thank you for your continued love and support of this mission!

Benjamin and Courtney Hall, Anita Gordon, William, Tina and Mackenzie Mutimer, J.J. and Olivia McKinney, Jesse Powell, Lindsy Richards, Christopher and Brandon Hensley, Lindsey Toelle, Roger Young, Amelia Wolfe and Amy Woody


In Christ,

Amelia and the Swaziland Team 2018

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