Pray to Plan

Pray to Plan

Good things are happening within Global Medical Outreach.  God has graciously been answering all kinds of prayers for funding and for participants for our first trip back to Ecuador in July.  It is so encouraging to see people want to use their skills to advance God’s kingdom.  And while there has been much planning and praying over the past weeks, we wanted to make folks aware of a pivotal moment that is occurring in our ministry.

We will be participating in a Vision Trip to Ecuador April 7-10.  This is a crucial time for us to meet with the missionaries, plan locations for clinics on the ground, discuss all the details of transportation for our team, encourage and fellowship with the local church, finalize lodging, and generally lay the foundation for the trip in July.  And with so many items to tackle in a fairly short time span, we need you to pray with us over this trip.  Here are some ways in which you can partner in prayer with us:

  • Pray that God would watch over our traveling both the flight there and back as well as the traveling on the ground.
  • Pray that our time with the missionaries will be efficient and effective and that we will have a united spirit as we plan this evangelistic effort.
  • Pray that God would give us wisdom and unity in all the decision to be made regarding where to host medical clinics and that God would lead us to villages and towns that are ripe for harvest.
  • Pray that the local church is excited about our vision to reach their neighbors together.
  • Finally, pray that God would already be preparing the hearts of the Ecuadorian people that we will be ministering to in July.

One of the Core Values of our ministry is a dedication to fervent prayer before the Lord.  Join us in this effort and give God glory as you see his plan unfold through your prayer efforts.  Stay tuned for more updates after the Vision Trip!

— Jason Baareman

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