Painting Walls and Painting Nails (02-14-2017)

Painting Walls and Painting Nails (02-14-2017)

Yesterday was a rare opportunity for our Cape Town team in South Africa. Our team split into two groups in order to serve in two capacities.

Our construction team traveled to Khayelitsha to work in the home of one of the 32 Foster Mums in Home From Home. The Home from Home organization provides stable and loving homes for vulnerable children. Each one of the Mums pour their lives into several, most have five or six children in their homes. They work endlessly, loving and caring for their little and and not-so little ones. They have very little opportunity for holiday or retreat.

Mama Zola is the Mum we will be working with this week to do a bit of house renovations. Tiling, painting, furniture building, and other home tasks are what we hope to accomplish while here. God has blessed us with this space to fill, and we pray we fill it very well.

Our Women’s Ministry team traveled to Stellenbosch to a picturesque farm location to hold a two-day retreat for the Mums. Mama Zola and many others came yesterday and today for a time of rest and renewal from God’s Word. We have been able to pamper them a bit, tell them how worthy they are in the eyes of Jesus, and spend time pouring into them as they are ones who are always pouring out for others.

These precious women expressed great joy and appreciation— they were grateful for every single thing we did. One sweet one said to us, “My stomach is full and my heart also!

Here is a quick video clip of the Mums singing for us. 

It is our prayer that God will use this time with them for His Glory and His purpose. We have plans for the week but we are open to His remaking of them as often as needed. While one team has been painting walls, the other has been painting nails– but we know that each task matters to these and to God.

Will you please pray?

  • For the Mums from Home from Home; for their protection and their sweet children, that we will be able to extend the promise of the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus.
  • For the construction projects in Khayelitsha, specifically for productivity, gospel conversations, and safety.
  • That we will be strong in the Lord and in the power of His name. There is much work to be done in the next few days and we desire to be used in whatever way most advances His work here.

God is Faithful,

Cynthia & the Cape Town team

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