November 3, 2010 “catching up”

November 3, 2010 “catching up”

Here at the B&B there has been no internet for the past few days; so therefore first I apologize for the lack of posting. We have had an amazing three days; Sunday we went to church at Amalinda Baptist, the church where we are working in Amalinda Forrest, and then in the evening back to Amalinda Baptist before dinner at Hoppy’s which we have all come to enjoy immensely. Hoppy preached the first sermon, reminding us of what it means to be called to follow Christ. The church in Amalinda Forrest was absolutely amazing. I don’t believe I’ve ever been that literally awestruck as when we opened the door to the van and heard the church. They were singing acapella in perfect 4 part harmony beautiful songs all praising our God; it’s incredible to me that we can be a half- world away and Jesus is still the same. In the evening service Kurt spoke again after Jim shared his testimony, giving praise to God for never letting us go, even when we don’t realize it! Bobby and Ryan also played with the praise band while Tabitha drew an eagle to fit the night’s theme of Isaiah 40:31. What a day, what a day!

Monday: First day of work! An excellent day of putting up studs for ceiling tiles (aka rafters), and smoothing out some of the stucco/ plaster on the walls. We finished putting up tiles in the center room of building 2. In the evening we had an hour or so playing soccer with the church team: way outmatched but so fun! We had dinner at Hoppy’s and heard testimonies from Ryan and Wolfgang.

Tuesday: Second day- finished putting the ceiling up on all but the large areas on building two, started putting it up on building one. We had an AWESOME time playing soccer afterwards. For me, the best part of the day was seeing the soccer field take shape, as some of the same friends from Monday came and cleaned up the field, and before our tournament our group was able to hand out salvation bracelets and explain what they represent. We had a quick 5v5 tournament, which turned into 6v6, with each of the four teams having one team member on them. Our representatives were Kurt, Bobby, Ryan, and Rob. The winning team won 300 rand, and because I know you’re dying to know, Kurt’s team won. Dinner at Hoppy’s was next, where Rob and Mike shared their testimonies.

Wednesday: Another great day of work! Our team finished all the ceilings except two small closet spaces in both buildings. Everyone has been working with all our effort, and so the project has gone very well; we hope to be finished tomorrow, Lord willing! We had a little rain this afternoon, but not until it was time to leave, which was a blessing for the work, but the planned soccer event had to be cancelled. Please pray for this to happen before we leave, so we can encourage and live Christ to these men through soccer! Bobby has prepared an excellent presentation for them. Tonight, Tabatha (sorry for previous misspellings!) and Kurt shared their testimony, and this writer has been reminded once again about what it means to be called for Christ: it is truly laying down your life, loving Christ, and the most important thing is your relationship with Jesus. Every avenue of our lives as I have seen and heard through all our sharing has shown how truly dull and dead life is without Christ. He is a friend, father, guide, mentor, path- maker, and faithful to His people! If you do not know Jesus, please seek Him out!

South African vocab lesson:
Bucky:  small truck, usually filled with tools and stucco.  Great for late night transport as well
Dugga:  homemade mortar
Mind your head:  watch your head
How it is/ Howsit:  a greeting, like “How are ya?”
Chutney: aka fruit jelly that is used very frequently, an ‘aquired taste’
Slop- chips: greasy french fries in vinegar and salt.  Excellent meal filler, thumbs up!
Fatcakes:  fried dough, extremely delicious, though could use some powdered sugar!  Also used for sandwich bread
Coke light: aka diet coke
Appletizer:  best soft drink in SA.  Similar to Welch’s sparkling grape juice but better.  Grapetizer exists as well.
Ginger beer:  Simiar concept to root beer, but ginger flavored.  Must like ginger… A LOT… to enjoy
.. soo we’re being fed well…

one other tip.  If you need to use the restroom, ask/ look for the toilet…

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