A New Week of Work in Cape Town Begins. (2/12/18)

A New Week of Work in Cape Town Begins. (2/12/18)

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful (windy!) day at St James Church and then the Cape of Good Hope.

Today (Monday,) our team split into two groups for both construction and preparation for our ladies events.

Before our day even truly began, God gave us an opportunity to share with a friend here at the hotel. Ms. S. Is a kind employee of our hotel whom we have dealt with several times in the past. Today she remembered our group, and what our purpose in coming to Cape Town is. Ms. S sought us out and asked Trish if she could have a chance to chat and then asked for prayer. We have spoken with her, prayed with her, and have made plans to meet with her later this week.
To our knowledge, our friend does not know Jesus.

Will you pray for her? Will you pray that we will have wisdom and boldness as we speak and share with her later this week?

Tomorrow begins the first of our women’s events with the mums from Home From Home. We are excited to share some nice gifts with them, and to spend time encouraging and challenging them from God’s Word. Our main verse for our time together will be Mark 12:30, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

On the construction front, the men were able to make a great deal of progress on both the flooring (ripping up and removing the old flooring and installing the new,) and the painting. They will continue working in Rosie’s house in Stellenbosch for the rest of this week. Will you please continue to pray for connections, relationships, and gospel conversations between the men and those who will be assisting them and working alongside them this week?

We hope to be able to update more tomorrow evening, but as we will be at a different location and may not have wireless internet, we will wait and see.

Our Cape Town team is grateful to each of you who are praying and thank you for the comments— we see every one and are encouraged by them.

Grateful and Hope-Filled,
Cynthia & the Cape Town Team

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