More Hearts to be Changed

More Hearts to be Changed

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There is a moment in time when God speaks to each of us individually. Usually it is a quiet, small voice whispering to the yearning parts of our soul. It is at those moments we want to linger and enjoy the closeness and fellowship of the One who knows us intimately.

In this ministry, God has in the past spoken to the hearts of over 120 people that He had a special calling for them. He wanted them to set aside a time to leave their comforts and familiarity and go to a place where He could teach them more about Himself. He wanted them to leave the “world” of many comforts; with running water, air conditioning, drive through coffee shops and fast food restaurants. He wanted to show them a world that is entirely different than the one that has become part of their daily lives. They were brought to their knees as they realized that their “world” was vastly different as the “world” God revealed to them. They came back to their homes changed with a realization that God had given them a new purpose.

God has spoken to the hearts of 22 more people this year. He has told them to “go” and they have accepted His call. We are always amazed at the beautiful “tapestry” of hearts that God begins to weave. For “such a time as this”, God has chosen this team of people from the ages of 15 – 68 years old. A team like this could only have been chosen by the hand of God.

God also speaks sweetly and quietly to many more people who are called to go daily to the throne to ask for grace, mercy and protection for those traveling. The mission is not complete without God’s soldiers each doing their part for the mission that He has set forth.

The traveling team covets your prayers as we prepare for this mission.
1. That our hearts would be prepared
2. That the mission would be clear
3. That the enemy’s plans would be thwarted
4. That the team would have unity
5. That we submit to God’s purpose
6. That details would be accomplished with ease

The traveling team is grateful for the “at home” team and humbly asks that you lift up each and every one us by name to the throne. Their traveling dates are May 25 – June 5.

Stephen Newman – trip leader
Matt Davenport, Ginnie Grantham, Brad Hillman, Gwen Hobbs, Chelsea Lyle, Zach Martin, Courtlyn Meyer, Stacey Meyer, Jeff Meyer, Aspen Mutimer, Ross Mutimer, Carolyn Powell, Jesse Powell, Joyce Whitney, Abbi Willis, Tucker Willis, Cricket Willis, Madi Hall, Robin Hall, Scott Hall.

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