Mid-Week Update! (02/16/17)

Mid-Week Update! (02/16/17)

Hello, friends! Unbelievably, it is already late Thursday night in Cape Town– this week is flying right by!

What We Did:

Yesterday was a hot day with plenty of good, hard work. All ten of us rose early and headed back to Khayelitsha and Mama Zola’s house.


We continued the painting work in order to give the entire house a bright new background for their life there. New beds were built where needed and Roger has been busy all week tiling the bathroom. He, Tom, and Keith have been working non-stop inside the house to finish the projects we have.

Mama Zola and her four foster daughters and two foster sons have an obvious affection for one another. The children came home from school laughing and smiling and though shy at first, were eager to meet the rest of our team. Their home seems to be a hub of happiness and safety. It does our hearts so good to see them laughing with her and being at ease with their ‘Ma-MA.’

What’s Next: 

Tomorrow we will separate into two teams again. The women’s ministry team will have the privilege of meeting with 32 Home from Home Mums for a ladies tea and devotional program. We will share the gospel and will give them a few small gifts that we hope will encourage them. Many of them we do not yet know, as it will be our first opportunity to meet with all of this group together. A few of the Mums are believers already and their gratefulness and faith in Christ is humbling.

We are praying that the message of the gospel will be clear and that our hope in Christ will be tangible. 

The construction team will finish a few lose ends and then we will all meet back at Mama Zola’s house for a fun time of celebration with the children. We are looking forward to this time with them as a family as tomorrow will be our last day with all of our new and old friends within Home from Home.

We will fly out in just a couple of days, but will you pray that our last bit of time here in Cape Town will be one of influence?

Will you please join us in prayer that God will take our offering and make it something fruitful for His glory?

Thank you for all your comments and prayers! We are so very grateful and cannot wait to share more with you in person soon.

God is Faithful,

Cynthia & the Cape Town Team

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