Language: Not a Barrier to Kindness

Language: Not a Barrier to Kindness

Glorify the Lord with me, and let us praise His name together” Psalm 34:3

Our team returned Sunday evening with thankful hearts and minds for the time we had spent with the Ukranian people. Their servants hearts and kindness has left a mark and we saw a perfect demonstration of God’s love.

One of the most powerful things we learned is that language is not a barrier to kindness. As we stayed with host families we were shown what it is to have a servant heart. Looking back, strong relationships were built through prayers and through working side by side with our newly met brothers and sisters in Christ.

Throughout the week our joint Ukrainian-American children’s team presented programs in the Izyum church and in outlying villages. The children loved learning American crafts and games. Laughter, joy and smiles were abundant. A total of 175 children attended during the week averaging 30-35 children per day.

In addition to this, our joint medical team saw a total of 280 people over the week. We provided a clinic Sunday at the church and two clinics per day, Monday through Thursday. During the week clinics were conducted either at the church, a local government social services office or one of four different villages outside the city of Izyum. Thursday afternoon we were blessed to visit 9 elderly homebound Ukrainians at the request of the local Social Services. What a blessing to meet those in need.

Three teams visited three locations each. The teams consisted of a physician (American or Ukrainian), a Ukrainian social worker, a nurse, a translator and on one team a pharmacist.

On Saturday, August 11, at 7:00  in the morning we had the privilege of joining Ukrainian believers in a city park in Kharkov for fervent prayer. These prayer warriors have faithfully prayed daily at this location, since early 2014, for peace in the Ukraine and the spread of God’s word throughout the land.  It was a wonderful reminder of the power of prayer and how God is moving and working throughout the world.

On Sunday morning at 6:15 we departed the Ukraine for home taking memories of our new friends and work for the Lord with us.

Thank you to all who were praying for us while we were on mission in the Ukraine.

Maureen Wright and the Ukraine Mission Team

“You, Lord, give true peace to those who depend on you, because they trust you.” Isaiah 26:3

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