Landmarks of My Heart

Landmarks of My Heart

I saw her from across the field as she was slowly walking toward me. She held her head high with quiet confidence and subtle sureness. We walked toward each other like life-long friends. She reached her hand out to shake mine, but you know me, I embraced her as a sister and forever friend. We had much to talk about, much to learn about one another. We sat together, comfortable and eager to share life, needs, heartaches, joys and tears.

I am returning to Swaziland for the third time this year. Ready to revisit friends and family, I long to be in the country where I feel alive and where the beat of my heart syncs back into perfect rhythm. This place is the very landmark where my heart was transformed to love harder, feel deeper and live relentlessly in pursuit of God and to share that love with others as a way of life.

Thandeka. That’s her name. The one I saw from afar, sat and talked with, loved unconditionally. Little did I know that she and I would write letters to one another. Little did I know that I would take her hand in mine and pray before the throne of grace for her protection, for God’s provision, and for her future. On that first visit she introduced me to her friends and eventually to her family. I loved them too. So, I return to Swaziland. I return because I love this place. I love the friends I have made and family that will forever have a piece of my heart. I am so grateful for all that God has taught me. I am so grateful to love deeper and stronger. I am grateful to be used for God’s glory to reach the ends of the earth for the sake of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

9 days!!!
Amy G. Woody

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