It’s good to be home….

It’s good to be home….

Tuesday was our first full day at our care points. For many, it was their first time with new experiences.F or me, it was like coming home. As I stepped onto the dusty ground and smelled the wood burning in the air, I knew I was home…my heart was full. After four consecutive trips and being very involved in the Swaziland ministry, I had not been here since 2013. Over the years I had grown very close to the mother of one of my special friends. She works as a Go Go (ladies who cook for the children) at Timbutini Care Point and is also involved in the Timbali Craft Ministry (sewing handbags and aprons). I was so excited knowing that I was going to see her that I could hardly stand it. I was the first one off the bus and I ran to meet her at the kitchen. We hugged each other tightly and cried. A lot. For some reason, I felt the need to explain to her why I had not been here for the last two summers, but that did not matter. I was here now and our reunion was all that I had hoped it would be.

As we began to catch up with each other, she shared with me that 2016 had been a very challenging time for her. She had been kicked out of her home; her things had been thrown into the street and she had no where to go with her two children. She is currently living in a small metal corrugated structure where the winds shake the walls and the rain pours in. There are clothes stuffed in the openings between the walls and roof to try to stop the rain. I was able to visit her “house” with a couple of other team members – and one of them is in construction. This was perfect! Roger would be able to access the house then he and William could work on it during the week. She would finally have a safe structure to live in with her two children. She was also saving her money and buying cement blocks and sand to build a stable home.

I came on this trip very unexpectedly. Scott Hall broke his foot and was unable to come on the trip, so I was given the opportunity to come. An opportunity that I was very excited for, but not sure why it was placed in my lap. I had not been a part of the team meetings, so I felt very much on the outside. Why was God sending me here? What was my purpose in being here? After the happenings of today, I knew why I was here. It was to help my dear friend. To “fix” her problem! It was all so clear. Or was it?

Fixing my friend’s house was not why He brought me here. He brought me here to test me….and I was failing that test. Sitting on the floor of my sweet friend’s home, I prayed with her. I prayed for her to trust God to provide for her, yet I was not trusting. I wanted to take things into my own hands instead of surrendering it all to Him. The One who provides for us all, who loves her more than I ever could. My friend is a very faithful servant and she knows that He will keep her safe and provide for her. It was me that needed to learn that lesson. I was brought on the trip to be refined. To learn what trust and surrender is all about. To give Him the glory…….no matter what the outcome, for I know he is a good, good Father.

Now to HIM who is ABLE to do far more abundantly than ALL that we ask or think according to the power at work within us. -Ephesians 3:20

Much love to you all –
Penny hugging three

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