How About You?

How About You?

If you haven’t read our last post, please scroll down and read “Making a Difference for One.”

Today, a member of our team posted this picture on Facebook. ImageThe title of the book that he is holding pierced my heart as I remembered the number of children that would ask, “Do you know my special friend?”  The children have learned that the name tags they wear have the name of the person that prays for them each day.  They don’t associate these names with the mere $34/month that their special friend pays to support the ministry work in Swaziland.  They just want to know who it is in America that prays for them.  If we can share anything with them about their special friend, their faces light up as they tuck this “golden nugget” in their heart.  As a team member, one of the greater joys is making a connection between home and Swaziland for these children.  With this joy comes great heartache! When we glance down at a tag to answer the question, “Do you know my special friend?” and see Warren, we know they don’t have a special friend.  “Warren” has been our (the team’s) code for letting us know that this child needs a sponsor.  We can’t make a specific connection for this child, and sadly, the children are starting to realize what “Warren” means to them, too.

This sweet face had a tag to replace his “Warren” tag because a family said, “Yes!” just before the team traveled! He loved having two tags, but look at which one is on top! The smile you see was just after he learned the ages of the children that pray for him…priceless!

Should we change our “code”?


We, as believers, should change their story!  Please join us by either sponsoring a child yourself or encouraging others to join this ministry.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if no child looked down at their tag and read Warren anymore!

Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17

Contact Penny Oates and she will gladly connect you with a child in Swaziland.  Once you’ve said YES, comment on our blog and say, “I’m in!”  We need 125 special friends to have our care points 100% sponsored.  Will it be you?

Penny Oates – Child Sponsor Coordinator

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