Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home




We’ve arrived safely and were welcomed at the Johannesburg airport by Steve McAdams, the missionary from Alabama. We praised God that all of our luggage and supplies arrived without incident. We gathered all of our bags and headed outside.

Our wonderful drivers Elliot and Sandile drove up and began the arduous task of loading all of our luggage and crates into two small trailers.   It is simply amazing the way those trailers seem to be a bottomless pit.  

For nine of us, we are returning to our second home. Being greeted by familiar faces was akin to seeing a close family member. We dearly love these people; their joy, and their service to the Lord.

 We are waiting on our pizza and drinking our Grapetizers, as we sit at the hotel restaurant.  After dinner, Steve will go over a cultural orientation.

Tomorrow morning we will venture our for our five hour drive to Swaziland.  We will go to Ntabas (Ruby’s) Care Point and spend the afternoon with the children there.   Please pray that the children will trust us with their hearts and that they will see Jesus in us.  

We love you all and we will try to update this blog when we are able.  




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