Hello From Boston!

Hello From Boston!


It’s a beautiful zero-humidity afternoon, filled with burritos from Qdoba and excitement for the week to come. Yesterday afternoon, our team gathered in the EDGE with friends, family, and pastors to pray over our journey and our mission in Boston. Later on our flight from Atlanta to Boston, we were just in time to witness a breath-taking sunset from the closest of perspectives. After landing, Andrew managed to round up our team and luggage, pile us into our super sweet 15-passenger van, and check us into our hotel.

This morning, we woke up eager to meet with Encounter Church’s pastors, Jason and Chris, and tour the new building! Coffee in hand, our team walked into 18 Southwest Park; it was a prayer-soaked new home for those who may come to seek, those who may come to know, and those who will become believers of Jesus in Boston.
For many members of our team, this was not their first time traveling to Boston to partner with Encounter Church. Being able to walk in the room, stand on the flooring that Warren helped put there, and see Jason and Chris again was a long-awaited moment, met with much thankfulness.
We toured the facility quickly with Chris, and then headed to Sunday Worship at Grace Church. This afternoon we met with the Encounter Church Staff to learn the basics of what we hoped to accomplish during the week, and to learn some cultural cues from Boston-native, Kelly Wiffen.
water fountain=bubbler
chocolate sprinkles=jimmies
wicked=the hip word to use instead of “very”
We also received our bright orange tshirts reading “DO GOOD” that we will wear in the city this week as we serve the community.
Our explanation for why we’re picking up trash in the street? Because Encounter Church believes that a church should be known for what they give to the community, and not what they take from it.

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for us, and the other teams here this week! Our prayer is to be unified in our mission, and to be intentional with the time we have here.



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