Greater Things Are Yet To Come…

Greater Things Are Yet To Come…

Morning broke clear and chilly, greeting Team 2 with the promise of wind, but no rain! the Team first ventured to Timbutini Care Point, where a few itty-bitty children toddled around. Team members far out-numbered the babies, so hugs were plentiful.

The Cox Family

Merry at Timbutini
Robin reading to the children.

In fact, the meeting of Mike Ikeler and his Special Friend was covered by about six cameras as people searched for picture opportunities.

Mike and his Special Friend

As the kids finished preschool, activity picked up and children clamored for attention. Team 2 delivered; hugs and smiles abounded.

Merry Ellen



Merry at Timbutini

The children were eventually gathered together for a reading of the story of Christmas and singing of a few songs. The singing was not complete without the song “O, He loves me!” Once sung, the song stuck within the brains of the entire carepoint, adults and children alike, and the “Oh, Oh” song erupted frequently throughout the day.

Oh, Oh , Oh Jesus Loves Me...

After lunch, the Team split up with some of the group journeyed to Ruby’s Carepoint. To our disappointment, 83 year old Ruby was not there, but we met several other charming and dedicated Go-go’s.

The kids trickled in and then began coming in waves to which there appeared no end. After checking them in they were guided in making a booklet which taught them about how unique and special they are to God. He loves them. Each child, each smile, each set of chocolate eyes, each runny nose, God loves them. And He knows each one.

Please don’t miss the fact that in turn, they love their Special Friends in the USA. this fact was hammered home today at Ruby’s. Jason Wiley met and talked with one of his sponsored children. Jason asked his special friend if he had received the pictures of the Wiley Family and the boy responded “Yes”. But it was some minutes later that they boy startled Jason. He stood behind Jason and tapped on his back. Jason turned to see him holding a school book. He held the school book up, opened it up and gifted the Wiley Family with love. You see, in the very front of his school book, the boy had glued in the picture of the entire Wiley Family. That picture of his Special Wiley Family went with him to school everyday, with love, with comfort, and with hope.

And hope doesn’t stop there. Hope rises with the work still to be done. Hope rises with the people yet to travel here. Hope rises with the children yet to be loved. Children need to be loved and needs still need to be provided. Smiles and sweet eyes still need to know He loves them…and we do too.

Home Sweet Home!
These fifteen children are cousins who live together in one small shack with one male adult who is suffering from TB. There is work yet to be done.
Bring on the Love
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