Getting Closer…..

Getting Closer…..

Good morning, all –

In just a few short days, 13 of us will be leaving for Swaziland, Africa! Six of us are counting the hours as we feel like we’re finally going back home. The seven new team members have no idea what is about to hit them! I am sure there is much anticipation in each of us for different reasons. I wanted to fill you in on what we will be doing and leave you with a few prayer requests.

We are taking backpacks to the all of the kids this year! School begins next week for them, so we will be getting them to the kids just in time. Another MUCH needed item….school shoes! God has been working on this much longer than we have. He stirred the hearts of many to help make this possible. Students from Augusta Christian and CT Walker have been raising money to help purchase these school shoes, as well as other generous donors. Thank you, thank you!!

A few prayer requests….

1. Please pray for the kids that we will be visiting, as well as the adults. Pray that God will prepare hearts and open hearts to the love of Christ. And let them see that love through each of us.

2. Pray for our team in these days leading up to “Departure Day”. Pray that each one will remain healthy, well-rested and continue to be spiritually prepared. Also pray for the health of our families both before we leave and while we are away. It’s hard to leave sick children and family at home, so this prayer request is especially appreciated!

3. We will begin packing tonight and those of you that have been on an international mission trip know how challenging this can be. Pray for efficiency as we are doing this and that it will go smoothly. Know that as we pack, we will be praying over each backpack that will end up on the back of a child! We’ll also be praying that each box/crate is NOT over 50 lbs!

4. Most importantly, please pray the each of us will continue to follow God’s lead on this trip. He has it all planned out, we simply want to be the vessels he uses. Pray that we will put all else aside and bring glory to Him in all we do.

Many of you are special friends to children that we visit. I am asking you to be an advocate for 20 children that do not yet have a special friend praying for them. We make name tags for the kids and for those that are sponsored, we list the sponso’rs name on the tag so we can be sure to get pictures while we are there. Those children that are not sponsored simply have “Warren” on their name tag. It is our heart’s desire to not have “Warren” on one single name tag by Feb. 9!! Will you please help us with this? Sponsorship is so easy and so incredibly rewarding. If you are interested or perhaps someone you know would be interested, please contact Dona Hornung (our sponsorship coordinator) at

A final note, Pastor’s sermon Sunday could not have come at a better time – … bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of His name among all the nations (Romans 1:5). I am incredibly blessed to be a part of a team of such obedient hearts. A group of willing hearts that are allowing their faith to move them forward in their obedience to God. Not living off yesterday’s obedience, but looking ahead to the days of obedience in front of us! (Thank you, Pastor!)

Thank you for your prayers and know that we’ll update our blog as we can while we are away. We love you and so appreciate all you do for this ministry!


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