Fun Days in Swaziland!!

Fun Days in Swaziland!!

Hello everyone! We spent Friday at Ntabas carepoint and Saturday at Timbutini carepoint: both days being “fun days!”

“Fun day” is a day that every child looks forward to. This day occurs once a year whenever the team comes. The children look forward to special snacks, fun games, music, and a very nice meal towards the end of the day. Normally in the past, the Warren team has been in charge of planning all of the activities, games, and events of the day. This year was a bit different as the shepherds of the carepoint as well as the AIM sports ministry staff were able to plan out several games and other fun events.

Both Friday and Saturday looked very similarly. The staff started arriving as African-style music was blaring through the speakers, opening up many children and adults to dance. It’s amazing how universal dancing is but I must say that Africans definitely are better in that category!! The “jumping castle”, as the children call it, arrived. This is a bouncy house that the kids loved to spend time jumping on. After they had played a long while on the jumping castle, the team began to hand out oranges and cookies to the children. Some of our team used face paint to draw crosses, hearts, and stars on their cheeks and foreheads. It’s amazing what quite small things bring so much joy and love. We helped them peel their oranges and watched as they wanted to share with another. The sports ministry coach divided up the children into their age groups as they led the groups with several different games for the children to enjoy. Fun day is all about the kids and loving on them with God’s love.

Our team helped to serve the meal to the children. The meal was “Pap” with tomato and onion sauce along with beef. This meal is one that they will only get once a year. Praise God for what He has given us to give to others. He is Provider. There were over 200 kids at Ntabas and around 350 at Timubitni for fun day…so many! Praise God for that! As we were serving, I kept looking at the food not thinking there would be enough to serve…but there was enough, thanks to Him!

During our fun day at Timbutini, many of the children presented everyone with traditional Swazi-style dances. What an absolutely incredible way to experience such vibrant culture as the kids were dressed in their traditional outfits. Another special treat for our team was the African Harmony Choir that came and sang for everyone at the carepoint. Many tears were shed as we listened to what gave us a glimpse of heaven as they sang about how they are not ashamed of the gospel, God’s love, and how we are in God’s family. As I listened, I couldn’t help but be reminded that every tribe, tongue, and language will be represented as we worship God Almighty around his throne in heaven.

Overall, both fun days were absolutely incredible. No one seemed too stressed and it didn’t seem chaotic at all. The shepherds and staff did an amazing job of keeping the kids engaged and it was a great experience for this team to be apart of what the children look forward to the whole year.

In Christ,

Swaziland Mission Team 2018

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