Fun day…..sad day

Fun day…..sad day

Good morning, all. Today we head out for our Fun Day! A day of playing with the kids from both carepoints and giving them a very special meal of chicken dust. We’ll have a bounce house, lots of games and will also be showing “The Jesus Film for Children” in Siswati! Please pray that the children will be touched by this film.

Unfortunately, this is also a sad day for us. It is the last day we’ll be at the carepoints with our kids. The goodbyes are tough, but the times spent with these precious children is priceless. The memories will be with us forever. And remember my previous prediction? Eleven more hearts are forever left in Africa. I can’t wait to see when they’ll be ready to return to them!

PS Carol, I’ll miss being with you as the 5…15…30…57 kids roll out of the party bus!!!


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