Friday, November 5th, 2010

Friday, November 5th, 2010

today was a bittersweet, but great work day again as we close out the week.

We finished painting in building two, and painted about half of building one, with a little bit of molding left to put up, though cut.  Looking back at the project, we all wish we could’ve finished both buildings, but still have a great sense of accomplishment at the large amounts of work that were completed. 

After work, we said goodbye to Pastor Erik, and the children in the preschools on site, with one last rendition of our favorite “Can you feel it!?” song from the kids.  It is so hard to say farewell!  I hope and pray that the gospel and Holy Spirit remain alive and powerful among these people!

We had a wonderful farewell dinner out with Hoppy and the rest of the gang, with good ice cream for desert afterwards.  My favorite part of the evening was that there on the beach many fireworks were being set off, in honor of Guy Fawks day (sp?), and were a special treat. 

Tomorrow we head for the beach and curio shops in the morning, then check out of the B&B, pack up the crates at Hoppy’s house, then drive to the airport with Freddie to head back to the States!

It seems very appropriate to end with the famous line, “Remember, remember the fifth of November” to commemorate today, as well as this team’s journey  and work here in E.L.   We certainly will always have fond memories of our time here, and have been forever changed by it as well.

Grace and Peace to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.

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