First Day of Ministry

First Day of Ministry

I am so excited to write this update, because there are several testimonies to share! God is working in Knysna, and we have had the amazing opportunity to see a few great moments!

The ladies’s team is joining alongside Youth for Christ, an organization that is focusing on a few specific things, one being Options Care, that helps with counseling and empowering women. We met with some staff from Youth for Christ to figure out what the plan would be for the week. Today, we went to the maternity ward in a hospital to visit and pray with ladies who had just given birth. It was wonderful to see the beauty of life as we were able to pray with these women.

The ladies also had the opportunity to visit two homes within the township in Knysna. We met with a woman named Evelyn who was wanting to, as she said, “come back” to God. The YFC workers have been faithfully ministering in this area and have shared with us that she is a believer but has been struggling to remain faithful. We shared scripture, testimony, and a time of prayer together. It was wonderful to work alongside those who know the language and were able to help translate. The Holy Spirit was at work, imparting His wisdom on us as we were sharing. She rededicated her life to Christ! Continue to pray for Evelyn to feel the closeness of God’s presence and to continue growing in the faith.

At our second home stay, we were able to hear the testimony of a woman named Rachelle, who was radically changed by the power of Christ. She is wanting to become more bold as she obeys how the Holy Spirit is leading her in the gifting imparted to her. Pray for her son to receive Christ. One of our team members, Meredith, had been praying a certain passage of scripture in Ephesians about boldness before this trip. She was able to share that passage with her. God always knows the deepest needs of our hearts. He always provides at the perfect timing!

The men’s team is working alongside the youth program at YFC called Hands and Heart. They are helping with a few outside work projects this week. Today, they installed a french drain. Everyone worked so hard to help with significant landscaping for outside the property. For the rest of the week, the men will help build a deck and a fence and be flexible to do whatever is needed. Pray for the conversations among the men of the team as they build relationships with the men they are working alongside of. We did not come on this trip to simply help build something; we came to proclaim Christ among the nations. This starts with relationships!

One verse that has continually come to my mind this trip is John 13:35 that says, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.” The team could present the gospel so clearly and beautifully, but the words might not have any impact if the team isn’t loving one another through service, kind words, and selflessness. But ultimately, we know that God is above all, and He is able to do whatever He wants, with or without us. How cool is it that God would choose us to be apart of what He is doing around the world?! “And we know that every tribe, tongue, language, and nation will be worshiping together in heaven,” (Rev 7:9). He loves each one of us and has a unique purpose and journey for us to follow Him in obedience; with a heart full of joy!

Thank you for praying for us! Hope all of you back home are finding peace and comfort during this season! Our wifi is not super strong here, so sorry for not posting pictures here. However, we will try to post some pictures on our Warren Mission Ministry facebook page.

Amelia and the Knysna Mission Team 2018

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