Finish the Race

Finish the Race

Good evening again from Ecuador!  Tonight you get to hear from another team member, Ginnie Grantham, about her experience on the medical mission trip.  I hope you enjoy her thoughts that follow.

Our final clinic day in Ecuador has drawn to a close. What a tiring yet rewarding week it has been! We are all in consensus that it is time to head home and rest, but we would not trade the experiences of this week for anything.

The last clinic day took place at Pastor Christian and Eva’s church where we saw over 100 members of their community. One person who particularly stood out was a petite elderly woman with a severe spine deformity. She struggled to walk and was in constant pain all of the time. All we could do for her was teach her some stretches and send her home with Tylenol, however she kept a smile on her face and thanked us as she left.

Gratefulness has been the overall attitude of these people this week. They have been happy for the opportunity to get some basic medical attention, and they have had a positive attitude despite the fact that we can’t cure most of their chronic problems. It has been such a reminder of how immensely blessed we are in America.  We have immediate access to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and the list goes on. We have instant hot water, machines that wash our clothing and dishes, air conditioning and heat for constant comfort.

Our team discussed a thought: “Why did God choose for us to live in America and have so many material blessings? We may never understand God’s reasoning this side of Heaven, but we can use our material blessings for His glory. We can give to the church, be involved in missions, and use our homes to host and love people.  This will look different for everyone, but the point is God did not bless us to keep it to ourselves. Life will feel very empty if lived that way.

At the end of the day, sweet goodbyes were said to the beautiful Ecuadorian church members who sacrificed their time this week to help run the clinics. Because of their efforts, hundreds of people were able to hear the Good News of Jesus. It was really neat to see how the Body of Christ runs so efficiently when all of it’s members are involved.

Please pray for safe travels as we begin our journey home tomorrow. Please continue to pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ here in Ecuador as they continue to reach the lost. My prayer is that we will take their example home with us and continue to run the race!

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