Conyers Mission: Families Serving Together

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Conyers Mission: Families Serving Together

This year we have several families serving together on the Conyers Mission trip, from senior adult couples to families with school-age children and students.

“Conyers is a great mission trip for families.  When you experience something together you form a special bond and connection that can’t be explained or shared with others.  This trip is good as a first mission trip for kids because the structure of the day allows ample time for the adult leaders to train the student leaders. Because it is both affordable and more local, families and individuals often return for multiple years and continue to build relationships with the community surrounding the mission church.  This is a wonderful trip to teach children about serving Christ and working along side them.  This is also an excellent multi-generational trip to serve along side people of all ages.”

Barbara, Conyers Team Member 


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