Conyers Mission: Can Do Attitude!

Conyers Mission: Can Do Attitude!

Mondays are always hectic. We arrived at the church by 8:45 and unloaded the trailer that is filled with the VBS materials and equipment so generously provided by Warren and purposefully prepared by the Preschool and Children’s Departments. Under the calm and efficient leadership of Sherwood and the many helping hands and strong backs of our teen workers the trailer is quickly unloaded and classrooms set up. I can’t begin to count the times I heard, “can I help with that,” or “is there anything I can do for you.”image
We love our Warren teens not just for their helpfulness but for their sweet Christlike spirit. Pray for our Warren youth this week that they will be the example to the Lakeview children of what it’s like to walk with the peace of Christ in their hearts.


I came upon this group of men, young and old taking a break from the hectic morning. The trailer unloaded, classrooms set up and children picked up from their homes and delivered to the church. While in the classrooms the children are learning about how to walk with Jesus, there is a special bonding of old, middle age and younger men and almost men. Having in common their faith in Christ. A picture of Paul and Timothy came to mind. Pray that our team will learn about and from each other this week and that a special connection will be made as we serve our God together here in Conyers.

Suella Jones, Conyers Mission Team Member

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