Perspective From a Long Term Missionary

On Mission

Get Out of The Boat

“I just don’t think I can afford it.” Have you ever said those words to yourself or to someone else?  Maybe you were thinking about buying new furniture and realized the budget just wasn’t available.  Or maybe you were planning a dream vacation and the financial numbers just didn’t add up. Or, maybe some friends …

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Whatever it Takes

70,000. That is a huge number.   If that number were miles, that distance would stretch around the earth almost three times.  If it were dollar income, that salary amount would put you around the 84th percentile in America.  And if that were people, those bodies would fill up the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta to …

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Uncertain & Unstable

Her mom & dad were around but unable to take care of her. Their priorities looked more like partying and drugs, not six kids. Allie* and her five younger siblings lived with their grandparents. When she was twelve years old, her grandparents passed away within hours of each other in their sleep. Unsure of what to …

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Call or Command?

“I don’t think I’m called to that.”  I cannot tell you, as a pastor, how many times I’ve heard this statement in a number of different conversations revolving around many differing topics. Lately, this seems to be the buzz answer anytime I talk with people about orphan care whether it be foster care or adoption. …

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Dust On My Feet

Growing up in church, many people I knew went on mission to other states or countries. It was always a struggle for me to understand how people knew if they felt “called” to a trip or to missions in general. It wasn’t until around the start of college that I started getting my appetite for …

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